Hotel Management System 

Hotel Management System

In this age of rapid growth of extremely competitive hospitality industries throughout the world, it is very important for the owners to have a user-friendly PMS to manage their establishments (hotels, resorts or clubs). To meet this growing demand of an efficient user-friendly PMS system, IPTECH has invested a considerable amount of time and resources with proper expertise to develop a world classF PMS called the InnBoard.

While the product InnBoard PMS has been operated by the hoteliers of different, the R&D team of IPTEC is constantly updating the existing features of InnBoard and adding new features to it according to the expectations of the guests and the owners.

Currently, the InnBoard PMS is revolving around the hospitality industries with the following features:


  • Front Office
  • Modules
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Housekeeping
  • Accounts /Back Office
  • Restaurant POS
  • HR & Payroll
  • Banquet
  • Sales & Marketing


  • Centralized Management.
  • Flexible and Easier Reservation System.
  • Improved and Interactive Customer Service.
  • Turn Reception Staff More Receptive.
  • Supervision from One Point.
  • Centralized Accounting System.
  • Reduction in Unproductive Costs.
  • Value Enriched Reports.