Oracle Cloud Solution (OCI)

We help clients apply innovation so they can anticipate and prepare for the next wave of technology disruption. Our clients get access to our unmatched global and industry expertise across the full suite of Oracle Cloud solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has a wide range of products to help you build, migrate, operate, and enhance your applications and workloads. These include core compute, storage, database, and networking services as well as security, management, integration, analytics, and developer services. All of these products take advantage of Oracle Cloud’s architectural focus on performance, security, and support of both existing and future workloads.

Autonomous Database Products

A family of self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing cloud services, Oracle Autonomous Database is a world first in redefining database management by using machine learning and automation to eliminate human labor, human error, and manual tuning, reducing cost and complexity.

• Self-driving
• Self-securing
• Self-repairing

Data Management Services

Data management automation driven by machine learning to reduce costs. Easily deploy new or move your existing OLTP and data warehouse to the cloud. The secured, intelligent, highly available database in the cloud enables you to get more value from your data to grow your business.

• Autonomous Data Warehouse
• Autonomous Transaction Processing• Database Cloud Service
• Exadata Cloud at Customer
• Exadata Cloud Service
• Oracle MySQL Database Service
• Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service

Big Data

Oracle Big Data Service is an automated service based on Cloudera Enterprise that provides a cost-effective Hadoop data lake environment designed to advance an organization’s analytical capabilities. With automated lifecycle management and one-click security, Oracle Big Data Service is flexible and efficient — start small, run different shapes, and scale up as needed, all while easily integrating with other services. Efficient and secure, Oracle Big Data Service enables users to run a wide variety of big data workloads and technologies while simplifying operations.
Add-on service Oracle Cloud SQL enables SQL queries on data in HDFS, Hive, Kafka, NoSQL and Object Storage.

• Oracle Big Data Service
• Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service


Oracle Analytics Cloud empowers business analysts and consumers with modern, AI-powered, self-service analytics capabilities for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, augmented analysis, and natural language processing/generation.

• Oracle Analytics Cloud
• Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog
• Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Flow
• Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming
• Oracle Data Science


Compute options range from VMs to GPUs to bare metal servers, and includes options for dense I/O workloads, high performance computing (HPC), and AMD EPYC processors.

• Bare Metal Compute
• Container Engine for Kubernetes
• Container Registry
• Virtual Machines and Bare Metal (GPU)
• Virtual Machines


Experience the world’s most advanced database cloud, delivered securely on premises within your data centre. Achieve faster time to value; control over regulatory issues, data privacy, and governance. Take your next step closer to public cloud, without the risks.
Security, Identity, and Compliance

• Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
• Database Security
• Identity and Access Management
• Identity Cloud Service
• Key Management
• Web Application Firewall (WAF)


• Archive Storage
• Block Volumes
• Data Transfer
• File Storage
• Local NVMe SSD
• Object Storage
• Storage Gateway

Application development  

Oracle provides an open, modern, easy and intelligent platform and infrastructure for developers to build and innovate with the latest technologies, such as AI/ML, autonomous databases, Gen 2 cloud infrastructure and more.

• API Gateway
• Blockchain Platform
• Container Engine for Kubernetes
• Container Registry
• Data Science
• Digital Assistant
• Events Service
• Java
• Mobile Hub
• Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Networking, Connectivity, and Edge Services

• Email Delivery
• FastConnect
• Health Checks
• Load Balancing
• Service Gateway
• Traffic Management
• Virtual Cloud Network

IOT Solutions

Extend your supply chain and automate business process by transforming a world of things into a world of data.

Cloud Applications

Enterprise Resource Planning

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enables your organization to take advantage of emerging technologies to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve controls.

Human Capital Management

Oracle provides your organization with a complete HCM cloud solution that drives digital transformation and improves business agility while being able to meet your current and future business requirements.

Supply Chain Management

Increased buyer expectation, shorter product lifecycles, new regulations and fluctuating demand test the limits of traditional supply chains. Oracle SCM Cloud enables you to manage your supply chains with the scale, security, innovation, and agility modern markets require.

Customer Experience

Stand out from the competition by delivering legendary experiences to your customers. Discover what Oracle CX solutions do for your business.

-Oracle CX
-CX Marketing
-CX Commerce
-CX Sales
-CX Service

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