Satellite Internet Connectivity


IPTEC has built up its own teleport infrastructure in Germany & possesses a complete control over Satellite, which can enable to provide Internet connectivity all over in South Sudan.

We provide a world class solution for the challenging, global communication needs. Our solutions leverage the leading fixed and mobile satellite networks to provide a rich service offering. We offer Enterprise and Global organizations a wide variety of broadband internet connectivity options, from dedicated service to high-contention cost-effective offering.

We are using all kinds of satellite technology as C-Band, KU-Band and KA-Band. Our wide range of satellite services are able to provide you the best solution and world class services with reliable and high-capacity platform.

With an extensive network spanning over 13 satellites and 4 teleports are connected with Gigabit fiber backbone across three continents. Our satellite communication platform utilizes segments from the leading satellite operators: ARABSAT, Yamal, Intelsat, AfricaSat, Hellas Sat, TeleSAT, ABS, AMOS and SES.

IPTEC Satellite Internet – What Makes Different

  • Operate of own Teleport based in Germany.
  • Service availability up to 99.98%
  • Reliable alternative to terrestrial networks
  • Cost-effective, easy to scale & deploy
  • Experienced VSAT Engineer in South Sudan
  • Multiple platforms, such as iDirect, GSN etc
  • Premium C-Band, KU-Band and KA-Band coverage
  • High capacity links and Global satellite platform lay-out
  • Dedicated bandwidth allocation & low-contention
  • 24×7 NOC services and support

C-Band VSAT Connectivity

The best Dedicated and shared Satellite Internet experience all over South Sudan.

IPTEC Provide Satellite ( VSAT) Internet Service all over South Sudan. We redesigned and upgraded the Dedicated and shared optimized Satellite Internet Service, bringing the best Internet experience for C-Band VSAT customers. Our C-Band VSAT Internet solution for large enterprise, Corporate, Oil and GAS, Bank, NGO and who are using real time network. This service is the most reliable than any other satellite technology.


  • Service availability up to 99.98%
  • Increased system capacity
  • Premium C-Band Services
  • It’s better for satellite applications that need larger bandwidth
  • It works extremely resilient to severe weather conditions like heavy rain.

C-Band Coverage in South Sudan

We are offering C-Band Internet connectivity in all parts of South Sudan.

Ku-Band VSAT Internet Connectivity

IPTEC KU-Band Internet connects small and medium business across the globe directly to the internet backbone. Our cost-effective services is based on off-the-shelf, easy to use broadband connectivity platforms covering all over Africa. Our KU-Band introduces committed/matched information rate (CIR/MIR) based data packages. At the same time, clients can reduce CAPEX due to low cost equipment. KU-Band becomes successful due to its exceptional reception with small antennas.


  • Cost-effective broadband connectivity 
  • Premium KU band coverage 
  • Flexible bandwidth options
  • Easy to use platform

 KA-VSAT Internet Connectivity

 KA-Band is a high-performance satellite broadband service for home users. With KA-Band subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted high-speed Internet anywhere in the world even where there is no network.

KA-Band will deliver a truly cost-effective broadband service, and can be easily installed by a small satellite dish. And supported with in-country technical, operational and customer care

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